How does KOSMET search work?

Type in one or several search terms in the first search field.
KOSMET will display all abstracts, which contain any of the search terms (OR-Search).

Example: reach sunscreens will display all articles containing one or both of these search terms.

Combining several search terms (AND-Search)

Use the + Add search term function to combine several search terms.

Example: UVA + Add search term filter will show all search results in which both search words appear in any place of the searched article.

You can combine a maximum of three search terms with each other.

“Exact search terms”

If you want to search for a specific term, please add quotation marks (“) before and after the search term.

Example: Type in “compatibility tests” including the quotiation marks, and KOSMET will then show only those search results, in which the exact term is included.

How can I get the best search results?

Optimising search results

For each search term, you can indicate whether KOSMET should search in the full record (including the title, abstract text, keywords, etc.) or if it should specifically search in the title, abstract text, keywords, or in the name of the author. This can help you to get more specific search results.

Advanced search

Use the “Advanced search” to further limit search results, narrowing down the type of document, year(s) of publication, or language in which the paper was initially written.
In order to use the advanced search, you will first need to type in a regular search term.

Sort by

You can sort your search results according to relevance, year and author.
Relevance: The first results include abstract, papers and news with the highest number of search hits.
Year: Sorts your search results chronologically.
Author: Sorts all search results alphabetically by author.